A New Language for the Piano

Transcendental Music that will carry you awayon an immaculate journey … where the protons and electrons of the mind will sparkle and come alive ! … it’s unlike anything heard before!

Lubomyr Melnyk is one of the truly great innovators of the piano — an explorer whose remarkable technical capacities and his poetic mastery has enthralled audiences wherever he plays ! His solo piano work is truly astounding …. when he combines this into 2 pianos, the result is purely mind-splitting!

“Probably the most unique piano music of the 20th century … demanding a new and stupendous mental/physical technique!”

One of the truly great experiences of life, where the soul seemed to transcend into an experience close to what the mystics described …. it is beautiful music, magnificently played …

Dean of the School of Music, Loyola University

His artistry at the piano has introduced an exciting new voice for the instrument. Continuous Music — as one critic put it  the piano was always meant to sound this wayEdward Bond of the Kingston Whig-Standard ).
The evocative beauty of his music has amazed audiences wherever he has performed. His music has been described by critics as  the play of atoms bouncing around at supersonic speeds! — and indeed, Melnyk’s technique in performing these works is simply amazing! He is THE fastest pianist in the world — able to sustain speeds of over 19 notes per second in each hand simultaneously! 

(The greatest concert pianists of the world can play, at their top speeds, only 14 notes per second .. by comparison)

Lubomyr Melnyk

LUBOMYR MELNYK is one of the most innovative and fascinating pianists/composers of this century. During the 1970’s he developed a totally new language for the piano, called Continuous Music, and with it, a stupendous physical and mental technique that is totally unprecedented in the history of the piano.
Using this remarkable technique, Lubomyr Melnyk has set 2 world records for pianistic achievements:

  1. the FASTEST pianist in the world — sustaining speeds of over 19.5 notes per second in each hand, simultaneously.
    – and –
  2. the MOST NUMBER of NOTES in ONE HOUR — in exactly 60 minutes, Melnyk sustained an average speed of over 13 notes per second in each hand, yielding a remarkable total of 93,650 INDIVIDUAL notes.
Lubomyr Melnyk

This music has indeed given the piano a fresh new voice: never before has the piano shown such a brilliant face and such a beautifully tender singing voice! — creating a richly flowered landscape of overtones!
Lubomyr’s artistry at the piano has in fact introduced a totally new dimension to the instrument — as one critic put it  the piano was always meant to sound this wayEdward Bond of the Kingston Whig-Standard ).
Lubomyr Melnyk has shown a remarkable — even religious, devotion to the piano, always striving to discover new horizons in the physical process of playing the instrument.

As a result, he has carried the art of the piano to unknown and uncharted territories … where the mental and physical activities of the piano become blended in a meditative and metaphysical dimension!
Without regard for fame or fortune, he has steadfastly devoted his life to the pursuit of pianistic love and excellence, which in turn have created these marvelously magical and never-before experienced landscapes.

And indeed, love for the piano seems to be a very important part of this music — and the piano responds ! People have often said that, during live performances, they heard trumpets, horns, entire string orchestras emanating from the piano … for Melnyk’s music turns the piano into a veritable orchestra of sound.

…Music that will set the Pianist free!…

Through Lubomyr, the world has been given a fantastic new language for the piano —– called CONTINUOUS MUSIC.