C L O U D Nr. 81 for solo piano,

C L O U D   Nr. 81  for solo piano,

Finally, the score to this piece as recorded on SONY Classical is done ! ! This is a complete transciption of the entire performance, made by the composer himself. Lubomyr is making a SPECIAL LIMITED NUMBERED EDITION of this score (20 pages) of the complete recorded piece — only 20 copies. Each copy is signed and numbered.

The general price is 30 euros, with the exception of Nr. 01 — 60 euros, and Nr. 02 is 50 euros .. and Nr. 03 — 40 euros. The remaining copies are all 30 euros each. ( If you are early enough, you can ask for a specific number). This Special Edition of the work, has music on only one side of the page, so that you can easily chose your own sequence. Each score is signed and numbered by Lubomyr.

From April 20th, 2022, a general non-limited Edition will be for sale, at 25 euros each. These pages will have music on both sides of the sheet as in normal scores.